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Finally! SCORE Market Prizes!

16-NOV-2021: At last, we have our market prizes! There were 121 resolutions: 79 regular & 30 covid replications, plus 12 meta-claims. We will be contacting the 258 winners directly to claim their prizes. Total SCORE market prizes were $142,623. Thanks to DARPA SCORE for the generous funding.

~C. Twardy, PI

COVID-19 Preprints Prizes

11-OCT-2021: The 400 COVID-19 preprint markets resolved 1-SEP. We are nearly done calculating prizes. Thank you to all who participated. We will probably pay these right after the SCORE payouts. (Though possibly sooner. )

Other Projects

RM is done, but our research continues at the Science Prediction Markets Project

You may also like BITSS’ Social Science Prediction Platform.

RM does not plan to run any forecasts in 2021. We will resolve outstanding claims, pay prizes, and analyze the results. 

The rest of the page is left as it was, for archival purposes.

Predict social and behavioral science results.

Help improve scientific research methods.

Earn rewards for your insights.

Over $100,000 in prizes awarded through 2020.

The Replication Markets research project is open to all. Some restrictions may apply.

How does it work?


Find a study that interests you

In 2016, a study showed you should put healthy food on the left side of your plate.


Forecast the chance of replication


Win cash prizes for accurate forecasts

At least $4,000 in payouts each month shared by top forecasters

Who should play?

Our forecasters have vigorous intellects.

At RM, we engage in debate and discussion about the validity of published findings.

Our forecasters care about the greater good.

At RM, we contribute to the movement to improve research standards in the social and behavioral sciences.

Our forecasters enjoy a competition of wits.

At RM, we put our knowledge, instincts, and abilities to the test against published academics, established experts, and each other. 

Our forecasters earn money for being right.

At RM, our reward for accurate insights is cold, hard cash.

How will I help improve science?

You will be a participant in our research study. We collect data about your predictions for a project called SCORE (Systematizing Confidence in Open Research and Evidence).

You will help us evaluate social and behavioral science claims in a way that is systematic, fair, and transparent. 

SCORE will train machine learning models to predict the validity of future research studies.

Jacobs partners with researchers from the above institutions.

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