Announcing Round 0 Survey Winners

By Louisa Tran

First results are in! The results are in for Round 0 Surveys… We had good participation, with 226 participants providing us answers to 12 surveys. Keep it up! Although we won’t show the survey estimates just yet, they were similar to the market estimates — a good sign. Because the markets will take nearly a…

So what’s up with the markets this week?

By Louisa Tran

Round 0 Update Round 0 of Replication Markets closed on Sunday evening here on US East Coast. Between the surveys and the markets, the RM team has a lot of data about meta-claims to sort through. We are calculating winners of Round 0 Surveys. Look for that announcement next week! A bit of data for…

But…it doesn’t look like a market?

By Louisa Tran

If you’re used to financial markets, you may wonder where the “Buy” and “Sell” buttons are.  Most markets focus on buying and selling, and determine the price (probability) under the hood. We use the same formula, but focus on the probability (price), determining shares under the hood. To the right of the image below, you…

August 13 Newsletter

By Louisa Tran

Opening Day We had an exciting day at RM HQ as we marked the official opening of Replication Markets on August 12. When the Round 0 Surveys went live, our forecasters began answering questions about the replicability of studies in the last ten years and across disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. Round 0…

Have you registered yet?

By Louisa Tran

If you haven’t registered yet for Replication Markets, make sure you do by 6pm EDT (UTC 22:00) on Sunday, August 11 to be part of the opening day! If you have already registered, we hope you are excited about the launch of the project. Make sure to finish your intake surveys and verify your email…

Predicting Replication of Published Studies

By Louisa Tran

The social and behavioral sciences, some say, have a “replication crisis.” When researchers attempt to reproduce results of published papers, sometimes the original conclusions do not hold up. Replication studies are conducted using the same methods and standards laid out in the published paper. They use new participants and often a larger sample size. Researchers…

Meet the RM Team: Anna Dreber Almenberg

By Louisa Tran

Anna Dreber Almenberg, part of Replication Markets’ experiment design team, is the Johan Björkman Professor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. She took time recently to answer a few questions about her interest in the field of research replication. What got you thinking about replications and markets? For me it all started when…

Prof. Dreber Almenberg announces debut of Replication Markets

By Louisa Tran

Prof. Anna Dreber Almenberg, part of Replication Markets’ experiment design team, delivered one of three keynote addresses at the 2019 Bayesian Crowd Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on June 25. During her address, Dreber Almenberg discussed her research and work in Replication Markets, the first public announcement of the project. Dreber Almenberg has published research…

Reliable Research Replicates

By Louisa Tran

Replication Markets is a game that is part crowd-sourcing, part playing a market, and part legal gambling. The bets are placed on research results: can a study be replicated?

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