Replication Science Resources for Forecasters

Intro Level

For those interested in the basics of the replication crisis

How can you improve your prediction skills? Resources from Metaculus advise you how to analyze the data for better predictions. (Learn more about Metaculus here!)

To understand the replication crisis, you need to know some statistics. This video from Crash Course is a great place to start! (15 minutes long)

Is there a replication crisis in the social sciences? Find out why reproducing results is difficult in this video from UW iSchool (content warning: strong language). (8 minutes long)

This presentation provides a detailed look into the connection between statistics and the replication crisis. (16 minutes)

Grad Level 

Explore these pages, written by RM team members, for a deep dive into these topics.

In brief: A good-faith, high-power attempt to reproduce a previously-observed finding.

Slightly longer: A good-faith attempt to reproduce a previously-observed finding, with a sample large enough to find the effect if there.

Much longer: Follow this link!

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