Meet the Replication Markets Team

Lead, Integration

Charles Twardy,

(PI) Jacobs

Angie Cochran,


David Mackenzie,


Ayesha Baig,


Experiment Design

Thomas Pfeiffer,

(PI) Massey University

Anna Dreber,

Stockholm School of Economics

Magnus Johannesson,

Stockholm School of Economics

Incentives, Scoring, IRB

Prof. Yiling Chen,

(PI) Harvard University

Prof. Yang Liu,

University of California Santa Cruz

Prof. Haifeng Xu,

University of Virginia

Participant Engagement

Mike Bishop,


Abdul Gouda,


Lynda Ovington,


Louisa Tran,


Combo Markets

Brandon Goldfeder,

Gold Brand Software

Prof. Robin Hanson,

George Mason University

Prof. Kathryn Laskey,

George Mason University

Postdocs and Grad Students

Dr. Domenico Viganola,

George Mason University

Dr. Felix Holzmeister,

Innsbruck Econlab

Michael Gordon,

Massey University

Juntao Wang,

Harvard University

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