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12-Nov: Almost…

We expected to announce prizes this week, but co-pilot efforts just ran slowly and after verifying Rounds 1-11, today we found a small discrepancy in

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Update on Resolutions

The Replication Markets team expects to begin prize announcements by 8-NOV.  We are double-checking points distribution and prize values, and will do a last check

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SCORE Markets (Rounds 1-10, plus 0 & 11): I waited as long as possible to maximize the number of completed replications, but we now have

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Status Update

Hello forecasters! A quick status update Survey prizes paid out as planned, but we’re still awaiting final December resolutions to let us pay out the

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Will COVID-19 Studies Replicate?

Replication Markets recently estimated replication probabilities for 100 COVID-19 studies from the social and behavioral sciences. We don’t have all the results yet, but let’s

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